Tips for Using Game Copier Software With Your Xbox 360 Games

This article sets out to give you in depth information on how to use game copier software to copy and burn your Xbox 360 games. As with many other gamers using Xbox 360 consoles, you would undoubtedly be aware of the complexities involved with copying your Xbox 360 games.

The most effective and safest way to copy and burn Xbox 360 games is with game copier software. Downloading and burning unauthorised game copies can cause more trouble that it’s worth. With game copier software you can make exact duplicates of the original Xbox 360 disc that you can play directly in your console without flashing or mods. These game copies will also allow you to play on Xbox live without fear of any repercussions from Microsoft!

1. Your computer’s disc burner…

The most common issues people come across when trying to copy Xbox 360 games includes ensuring you have the right software, selecting the right discs to burn the game to and the types of games you’re trying to burn.

These days all new computers come with build in disc burners, however, in order to burn Xbox 360 games with game copier software you need to ensure your computer is able to write DVDs. If you’re not sure you can easily check on the drive of your computer (if you have a pc). On the actual drive it will say CD-R or CD-RW, which means that your computer is able to burn audio and data discs, this does not mean that your drive can burn DVDs. If you’re computers disc drive is able to also burn DVDs you will see DVD-R or DVD-RW on the drive.

2. Selecting the discs…

Standard CD-Rs or CD-RWs will generally not work for your Xbox 360 games. You will find the most success with DVD+R discs and your game copier software.

The reason you need to use a DVD is because they contain much larger amounts of information than standard CDs. Game files are becoming increasingly larger as graphics and storylines become more complex. In order to burn most Xbox discs you will need a minimum of 7.8gb of space on your writable DVD, this means you will be looking at dual layer DVDs (these can be bought very cheaply from Amazon).

3. Burning Xbox 360 games…

In this article I’m only covering how to use game copier software to burn duplicates of original Xbox 360 games. In no way do I want to encourage or promote downloading and burning pirated Xbox 360 games. When you download and burn a pirated Xbox 360 game you generally need to flash or mod your console in order to play the pirated game. By doing this you run the risk of damaging your console as well as being banned from gaming on Xbox live for using pirated games. Once you have been banned form Xbox live, your console will be permanently blacklisted. This means that in order to get back onto Xbox live you will need to replace your banned Xbox 360 console with a new unbanned console!

With your game copier software you will be able to completely duplicate the original game disc that can the be used in your Xbox without it needing to be flashed. The game will read just as the original disc and you won’t be at risk of being banned from Xbox live.

List Building Tips & Tricks

The old saying is that the money is in the list. Well, the money is actually in a good list. Trust me on this, there are plenty of lists that aren’t worth their weight in spam. So if you want to build a list that will actually be responsive, you have to walk a very fine line between a number of areas. This article will cover some basic do’s and don’ts that should improve the quality and size of your list greatly.

The first thing that you need to realize, and I can’t stress this enough, is that you’re not going to get somebody to sign up to your list by just telling them that they’re going to get a newsletter. Can you say yawnsville? If you want to get somebody into your prized list, you need to give them something; a free report, a small ebook, a software download, something. This will give them a good incentive to join your list.

Once you’ve got them on board, the key is to keep them on board. This is where things get a little tricky. Because everybody is different, you’re going to have some members of your list who will want to be emailed regularly and others who will get annoyed if they’re emailed everyday. So you have to try to strike a balance between the two, understanding that you won’t please everyone. It’s best to email your list maybe a couple of times a week and no more than three times a week. This should keep most people on both sides happy.

The next issue that comes up is what to email your list members. The first thing that most list owners do wrong is send their list members one offer after another. People don’t join lists to be sold to. They join lists to get some relevant content to their business that will hopefully help them with building their business. This is where, again, you have to strike a balance between giving them too much content and not enough. Give them too much and they have no reason to purchase any of your products, though they might hang around for a long time. Don’t give them enough content and they’ll unsubscribe faster than you can blink. If you’re going to email your list three times a week, it’s best to give them pure content in at least two of every three mailings. This way they will see value in staying on your list and you’ll have a few chances to make some sales. Again, it’s a real balancing act that isn’t always easy.

Finally, you want to make it easy for your list members to unsubscribe. Many list builders bury their unsubscribe links so far down the email after a ton of white space that nobody can find them. This will only lead to ill will and a bad reputation. Treat your list as you would want to be treated.

By following these few simple tips, you should have a list that is both happy and profitable.

Top Tips To Protect Your PC From Viruses

Be is business or entertainment, Computers are extremely useful tools these days. Computers are also also used to store loads of important information. And it is important to protect these useful and sensitive information from the hackers. But it is easier said than done. A large number of viruses are floating around on the internet and there are other malicious objects as well. This means, if there is not enough protection, your computer might suffer from a virus infection. Here comes the importance of antivirus support from a computer help provider. In this article you will get some of the top tips to protect your PC from viruses.

Before going deeper into discussion, let’s have a look at what computer viruses are. Well, a computer virus is a piece of software that is able to make copies of itself and then infect other files on the user’s computer. And in this way it spreads from one computer to other. Computer viruses are dangerous as they can not only corrupt and delete important files on your computer but also damage hardware components of your computer. So, as a computer user you should take the threat of viruses seriously.

To reduce the risk of viruses you can follow some simple things. The first thing is that you need to install a powerful antivirus program on your computer and then update it. Better to opt for a program that updates its virus database regularly. Run a complete system scan and remove all the malicious objects detected by the program.

There are many websites that offer pirated software download option. You might not know that a lot of viruses are spread through these illegal sites. So, you should never download or share pirated software. In addition, you must be careful at the time of downloading from the internet. If you do download, it is suggested to use your virus scanner and scan through it before opening it. By doing this you can stop malware from attacking your computer.

Only an antivirus program may not be able to offer you optimum protection against all malicious objects. Along with antivirus programs you also need to install an anti-spyware and anti-malware program. and make sure that these programs are updated regularly.

If you want to protect your computer against viruses, do not use peer to peer (p2p) file sharing programs like Limewire, Bearshare, Gnutella, Morpheus, Torrents, etc. These programs are widely used to download files from other computers connected to their program network. The problem with these programs is that you can not see the program until download is complete. So, may be you are trying to download a song and end up with downloading a virus.

Follow these tips and make your computer protected.