3 Top Tips For Finding Free iPhone Downloads

If you are looking to fill up your new iPhone with all of your favorite titles, you are not alone. The demand for free iPhone downloads has risen and now over 9,900 people each month search Google for that exact search term.

A Quick Caution

Unfortunately, many of the “free” iPhone downloads floating around are part of torrent sites. Besides the fact that they are illegal, torrent sites are also known to harbor computer viruses, spyware, adware and other nasty things along with their downloads. Beware of these sites and downloads and be sure to ask yourself if it’s really worth taking the risk of damaging your computer or getting caught.

For that reason, many people prefer to find affordable ways to find downloads for their iPhones. If you are looking for a source to download items for your iPhone, read on for a few tips on how to find the best download service.

Choosing a Download Service

Tip #1: Compare The Offers

If you are looking for free iPhone downloads of apps and “widgets”, Apple has the iPhone App Store where you can download a number of tools and web applications. If you hunger for more and are looking for music, movies and games as well there are a number of download services for iPhone users. These services are not free, but they are safe.

First, you have Apple’s own iTunes. They offer both music and movies on a pay-per-download basis. For music, this is usually .99/track. While a buck a song doesn’t seem like much, it can add up if you are filling up your new iPhone with all of your favorites.

If that’s the case, you may be more interested in an unlimited download service. These run less than $50 for lifetime access to their service, software and support. Many of these unlimited download services offer more than just music and movies. You can find games, software, screensavers, ringtones and more.

Tip #2: Good Customer Support is Priceless

Here’s another good reason to pay for downloads – service. Transferring files from computer to iPhone can be tricky, especially for new users. Unless you rely solely on iTunes, there are often conversions to be made to the files before transfer so that they will play on an iPhone.

A good unlimited download service will cover all of this in tutorials. They take the initiative to show you how to do it and customer service is right there should you run in to problems. As with any digital service, customer support is a major deciding point for consumers.

Be sure to read the terms of any download website and find out if they offer 7 day/week support. Usually support will come in the form of email support or trouble ticket systems. Thats generally industry standard as offering phone support would be too costly and customers would end up paying higher prices in the end.

Tip #3: Is there software and help to transfer your choices from computer to iPhone?

Remember when I said transferring files to iPhones can be tricky? Thats why finding a download service who provides software to convert and transfer your choices is a good investment. Many download services offer this as a bonus for their members along with information on how to use it.

The time you can save with the help of software and expert guidance is well worth paying a small fee for access to the site. By going with a reputable download service you can ensure a safe, affordable and trouble free downloading experience.

Learn How to Get Rid of Trojan Virus – 3 Surefire Tips to Eliminate Trojan Horse Virus

So the first question is what the trojan virus exactly is. In order to know what it is, you will know what it does to your computer and how to get rid, and further prevent it from going on yoru computer. It is a malicious software that ultimately leaves you computer open so that other viruses can attack it.

As strange as this sounds, it is like the AIDS virus for the computer. The same way AIDS causes humans to be open for sickness for other diseases, this is what the trojan horse virus can do to your computer. It derives its name from the Trojan Horse, who used the horse to secretly send soldiers in the city that was nearly impossible to get in and allow the army to take over the city.

This is a software that will open the “floodgates” on your computer – this trojan horse is harmless all by itself but will compromise the security of yoru personal computer or laptop, so let’s get rid of this thing! As it can expose personal information such as bank statements, credit card information, social security number, and a number of things!

How Did it Get on the Computer & How to Get it Off?

There are an unlimited amount of ways that this gets on your computer – it usually attatches itself to normal files such as video files, video game files, music, or regular picture files. Even word documents from untrusted or unknown sites can hurt you.

SureFire Tip #1 – You want to ultimately make sure that you run a registry scan to make sure that there is no virus identified on your computer, update all your spyware deletors, and your anti-virus software.

SureFire Tip #2 – Avoid downloading music, videos, or images from any untrusted website including popular free downloading websites that may exist. Peer to Peer program users are most high at risk as there is no regulation to what viruses people can sneak through the portals. Remember that the virus attatches itself to normal documents and ultimately conquers your computer the way the Greek army used the Trojan horse to conquer the city of Troy.

SureFire Tip #3 – Have you ever though about a registry cleaner. Professionals usually use a registry cleaner when cleaning your computer so that you can clear all the bugs, bad things, and malicious spyware/software that may be on your computer.

So avoid downloading from untrusted sites, make sure you update your anti-spyware, and make sure you invest In a good registry scanner/cleaner so that you can get rid of this spyware for good!

Get Free Downloads – Learn to Speak Spanish Software and Lessons

The best “learn to speak Spanish” learning programs often offer free downloads, learn to speak Spanish software and lessons, to teach you some Spanish and to help sell their products. These free sample lessons are of the best quality the makers can manage, because they want to make a good impression with them.

For example, Mauricio Evlampieff’s Rocket Spanish (the leading learn conversational Spanish course) offers a free 6-part mini course in Spanish valued at $37.00. The lessons in the mini-course are useful and you will learn some useful Spanish whether you decide to go ahead and buy the full course, for under $100, or not.

Patrick Jackson (FSI Spanish) will send you six whole lessons from FSI Programmatic Spanish, for free, because he is convinced that these lessons show off his product well and many will be influenced to buy the full course for $97. These lessons are sent to you via e-mail, six lessons, one a day for six days.

Marcus Santamaria, author of Synergy Spanish, offers free “Synergy Spanish” training to ‘test drive’ their product and give you a taste of what their Spanish-learning system and their “multiplying Spanish” approach can do for your ability to communicate in Spanish.

Lessons come to you by e-mail and include free e-book chapters, flashcards, audio lessons and a free subscription to the ‘Synergy Spanish Tips’ newsletter. Just register for Part 1 of the course. Of course, they want you to buy their full Spanish learning course for $39.95, but you don’t have to.

And there are still more free downloads learn to speak Spanish software packages available!

Dave Rivera, creator of the Surefire Spanish learning package, offers free lessons with tips on how to learn a language, keys to pronunciation for any language, why you must learn complete sentences when first learning a language and how to learn the proper tempo of a language.

These are specific Spanish lessons in pdf files. They use their “Natural Method” to learn Spanish grammar fast. They also associate new words with pictures which makes learning easier. All this is demonstrated in their free lessons, which they use to promote their $37 Spanish learning course.

Even Carlos Miranda at Latin slang for gringos (which he writes as “Latin Slang 4 Gringos”) offers free Spanish resources to help you learn vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and more for free. This to help promote his course in Latin American slang which sells for $27.

Latin slang for gringos is not a full Spanish-learning program. It is an insiders’ guide to understanding Latino slang, made especially for Northamericans whose first language is English. It’s to enable them to understand what Latinos are really saying when they use slang expressions not found in most dictionaries!

As you can see there are many free downloads, learn to speak Spanish, software learning programs available. To get more info on any of the above, just follow the links below.