Safe Downloading

Nothing in this world is without risk!

… certainly not Downloading.

There’s always the risk that you might download something that damages your computer of your files, or spyware that allows strangers to access your confidential material or even use your computer for their own purposes.

The majority of sources are perfectly honourable, but those few who are not can cause you no end of problems! So here are a few simple rules

1: Security Software

Don’t download anything until you’ve got reputable Security Software like McAfee or Norton installed.

(This of course should not prevent you downloading reputable security software!)

2: Check Out the Source Site.

Is it a household name?

If you’re downloading something from Windows or Sourceforge or a well-known internet or high street retailer like Amazon or House of Frazer it’s probably OK

Does it look professional?

If it seems superficial if basic don’t download from it. If it is clearly well researched and presented then downloads from it are likely to be safe. Otherwise:

Check it out on the Internet

Do a search on the supplier’s name. Look out for blogs or forums relating the experience of satisfied or dissatisfied customers. Have they experience problems with downloads?


If you are still uncertain type;’WHOIS’ into your search engine. There are a number of free programs there you can use to see who owns a particular website. Use ‘cut and paste’ to make sure you have the exact web address even for what appears to be a well-known and reputable dealer: scammers often use ‘near-mis-spells’ of well known names.

3: Check out the File you want to Download

Does it Contain Executable files?

Executable files have file names with.exe’, ‘.bat’, ‘.pif’, and ‘.scr’..

If it you does you should be very wary. Don’t download it without running it past your security software.

Is it Big Enough?

There are usually several possible sources for the sort of software you want to download. If your choice is significantly smaller that the others, don’t download it.

Is it Unexpected?

If you receive an E-mail from an unknown sender with a file attached, delete it immediately. That has ‘virus’ written all over it.

4: Tips

  1. Don’t use the ‘download’ and ‘install’ options for anything other than downloads from the most famous and reputable sites – Google, Microsoft, McAfee, Norton, Skype. etc.
  2. Otherwise use the ‘Download’ and ‘Save’ option.
  3. If in doubt don’t download.

3 Tips on How to Choose Your Small Business Software

When you want to make it big, you have to really start small. You would probably end up working all on your own or that you won’t be operating in a fancy office. Nevertheless, it doesn’t really mean that you have to scrimp when it comes to automation. More than ever, you need small business software, which will allow you to easily manage your business more effectively.

Selecting the Most Ideal Small Business Software

There are different kinds of small business software that you can choose from making it is a nightmare, selecting the most appropriate one. Just so you don’t end up wasting your hard earned money on an application that will be of little to no use at all, here are some tips to note:

1. Know the purpose of the small business software. Before you decide to buy, you should already have a clear idea on what parts of the business you want to streamline. Are you looking for an application to manage your clients? You may want to use CRM, which will be an excellent decision in making sure you can take care of your company’s most valuable asset, your customers. If managing your accounts is keeping you up night after night, you can make use of an accounting package. There are also programs that can generate sales quotes and sales receipts; the challenge is to invest in a solution that can automatically do your accounts as you provide your customers with a sales quote and sales receipt.

2. Search high and low. When you have identified the objectives of buying your small business software, it’s time for you to commence your search. Of course, you will have a lot of choices. You have the ones that you can buy in a computer store and the ones that you can download straight from the Internet. If you don’t want the hassle or the risk, it’s ideal to purchase your small business software from the World Wide Web especially one that provides you a 30 day money back guarantee. All you need to do is download it, evaluate it and if you like it, keep it if not return it.

However, there are three things that you have to remember when it comes to choosing online small business software. First, it should have an excellent customer support, so whenever you have installation issues, you can always ask for help. Second, you should receive instant upgrades, so you won’t have to buy a brand-new version all the time. Lastly, it should come with a money back guarantee. This way, you are assured on quality, no software provider will invest in selling software and provide you a money back guarantee if it doesn’t deliver you value.

3. Compare prices. Keep in mind that you’re a small business, and you can’t afford to buy a lots of applications that require numerous servers and complex expensive integration. That’s why it’s ideal to compare prices of small business software based upon initial upfront cost, cost of maintenance and ongoing costs. Most importantly, find a solution that can provide most of your business needs in a single application. For example, 1 system for all your front-end sales.

The right business software can make the difference between survival or market leadership, thus make sure you make the right choice.

How to Build a Big List of Subscribers Using Software – Seven Easy Ways to Use What You Have Now

With all of the software creation products available these days, many of us Internet marketers have an abundance of products that we can use to drive traffic to our websites if you just know the system that works.

Unless you are very new to internet marketing, you probably have at least five or six useful software products that you have give away rights to right on your computer. You may have acquired them through your own creation, giveaways, or bought them, but it is time to put them to good use to build your list of subscribers.

You’ve heard it said that the money is in the list. No truer statement has ever been spoken when it concerns internet marketing. So you need a lead generation system. You’ve been tempted to buy lists of hot leads-don’t do it.

Although they may not all be scams, many are fraudulent enough to get your site banned or even cause you to be fined.

So, you’ve checked and you have a good software product that you have giveaway rights to. You just don’t know how to monetize your products and ideas.

If this sounds like you, I suggest you try the following five ideas to generate a prospect list that hopefully turns into a customer list:

1. Offer free software to newsletter subscribers. It gives people an incentive to want your newsletter when they have so many to choose from.

2. Ask for contact information such as name and email before customers are allowed to download your software when they pay it. Make sure there is a form that encourages them to sign up for updates to the product so that you don’t lose the chance to keep in touch with them in order to offer them more good content and products that they will find helpful.

3. Put free, target-marketed software download offers on your website. Be sure to require contact information to receive the free software.

4. Offer your software to limited-time give away promotions. This will build your optin list and possibly gain valuable testimonials for your product. Good testimonials are worth more than money in the bank to you as a software merchant! These giveaways are becoming more and more popular, so just keep your eyes peeled for them in your inbox. You can either offer your own software creations, or if you’re not so techie-try offering those programs that you have private label or give away rights to. Be sure to check your license for restrictions, but most allow you to use the products as you like.

5. Offer to let people download your software free if they agree to link to your site. This is especially nice for you if the partner has a highly traveled site. You can gain worldwide exposure for your products and services that will far outweigh the loss of the order amount your partner would have paid you!

6. Offer your software for free to marketers with large lists. They make wonderful joint venture partners and affiliates. Although they may have the cash to buy your software, the good-will gesture of giving them a review copy will certainly help you to build a favorable relationship with them and make it far more likely that they’ll actually send out a solo ad about your product or service. This will greatly increase the chances that their list members will become your list members.

7. Utilize the power of the system of writing articles and special reports. First, you write an engaging article that relates to your product, but don’t make the mistake of having it sound like an advertisement. Submit those articles to article directories that offer free articles for people to use on their sites, blogs, newsletters, and such.

Be sure to give useful content to the reader in the body of the article, so that when he finishes reading the article, he will want to read the author bio at the end. That’s where you get to make your irresistible offer for more good information in a special report.

The prospect clicks over to the site suggested, signs up with your autoresponder-generated optin form, and is welcomed by your instant email message containing the special report. (I recommend a double-optin process just to protect yourself, but that’s your call.)

So, now the prospect-turned-subscriber reads your report. If you have done your job right, not only do you have great information in the report, you also have an abundance of links to your own or affiliate software in the viral report. The subscriber orders from the link you have in the special report and you make money!
You now have the system to generate not only huge, profitable lists, but also cash!