iPod Downloads – Review of the Top Sites For iPod Downloads

There are many iPod downloads sites out there in the market but you may be wondering which are the ones that score well in terms of usability, pricing, etc. I have reviewed 3 top iPod downloads sites based on the criterion set in my earlier article on “iPod Movie Downloads – 11 Tips On Finding The Best Download Site”. I have promised to reveal those sites to you and they are covered in this article. Only the best download sites can make it here. I have made it necessary to check out the testimonials of users of each site and have ranked them accordingly.

Here’s the summarized details and benefits of each site:

MyiPodownload – No. 1 Choice iPod Downloads Site of Most iPod Users

Most sites charge additional fee for DVD iPod downloads and extra cost for software, but not this one. They offer lifetime membership fee at $39.95 only. There is also the option of subscribing to 1 year or 2 years of their service. With over 96 million media files, MP3, MP4 and other free software provided, the price is very reasonable. The movie downloads are all full length DVD quality movies. iPod Music and other media files are of digital quality as well. They even provide a wide arsenal of iPod games, wallpaper etc.

Their 24/7 technical support is superb, as response is fast and they are able to troubleshoot your problems quickly. Some download sites claim to provide round-the-clock service but in actual fact, it is just part of advertising gimmicks and when you really need them, the help is not that forthcoming.

MyiPodownload also gives a bundle pack of downloading and DVD/CD burning software, spyware and adware removal applications. The software supports Windows/Mac/Linux. If you are not satisfied, there is a 60 day unconditional satisfaction money-back guarantee that you can fall back on.

FeedMyiPod – No. 2 iPod Downloads Site

This iPod downloads membership site comes in close as second. Lifetime membership is $38.95 and they also offer 1 or 2 year subscription. But it is only cheaper by a few dollars. The membership comes with a 58 day satisfaction money-back guarantee.
They have a huge iPod media library of more than 95 million media files to download to your iPod. As for free software, members are given free DVD to iPod Converting software.

Every other aspect of the site is comparable to MyiPodownload except for its interface which is not as user-friendly and the download speeds are not as fast.

iPod-Downloading.com – No. 3 iPod Downloads Site

iPod-Downloading.com trails behind the two in my opinion. The lifetime membership costs $34.95. Like the other two, there are options for 1/2 year subscriptions. There is also a 60 day money-back guarantee.

Other than some similarities, this site is unique in terms of its selection of audio/video books on Arts & Photography to Mystery & Thriller, Travel, Novels etc. There is a wide database of iPod media downloads – almost 90 million files. They are reputed to carry the latest collection of iPod Games.

Other membership benefits include softwares for antivirus protection, anti-spyware and adware, registry repair and CD/DVD burning.

These are in my humble opinion the best iPod downloads site you can find online. Read my blog and find out where you can download the latest iPod movies, music, and TV shows.

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Internet Download Speed Drops

Why internet download speed drops? Do you face this problem with your internet connection? Unfortunately a lot of computer users encounter the same problem. People would be happy if they are able to improve downloading performance. There are many factors that cause internet speed to drop suddenly. Spyware infection, third party toolbars and extensions installed in your browser, registry fragmentation and corrupted temporary internet files are the leading causes of slowing down of internet speed. If you are one of such users having this problem, you are at the right place as there are outlined the possilbe reasons behind this problem. There are also given solution tips to resolve the issue instantly.

Spyware Blocking Internet Access? Scan the System for Spyware Infection

A spyware is a rogue software that obtains information from a user’s computer without his/her knowledge. A spyware may be the reason why internet download speed drops suddenly as these malicious applications hinder the access to internet by manipulating system files.

Download a good antispyware software and update its definitions database. Completely scan the system and remove spywares found, if any.

Too many Toolbars in Browser? Disable Some of the Toolbars

Often free products and websites install various toolbars and extensions (add-ons) on your web browser which makes your browser slower and consequently it takes a little longer to download files from internet. Make it sure your browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc) is not loaded with too many toolbars/add-ons at the same time.

Open your web browser and click View | Toolbars. Uncheck the toolbar that you do not wish to keep enabled.

Settings not Optimized? Optimize the Internet by Changing Required Configurations

An Internet Optimizer is a software which changes the system settings to optimize the internet performance. It is not possible for a layman user to manually tweak internet settings. Using a reliable software utility is a better option to speed up downloads.

You need an internet optimizer software as your system might not be properly configured for best results. Analyze the current configurations and adjust them using a internet optimizer feature which is available in a good system utilities software.

Extensions Causing Browser to Respond Slow? Disable Unwanted Extensions

Extensions are also a type of add-ons. However, most browser extensions keep on updating themselves automatically. This results in decreased browser performance.

Disable the extensions that are installed by third party web sites.
Open Internet Explorer.
Click Tools | Manage Add-Ons.
Disable one by one third party add-ons.
Restart the browser

Delete Temporary Internet Files

Corruption in the temporary downloaded files, web cache contents and other files could be the reason why internet download speed drops. Delete these files using a System Cleaner application or otherwise perform the following steps:
Open Internet Explorer.
Click Tools | Delete Browsing History.
Mark the items checked which you wish to delete.
Click “Delete” button to confirm.

Effective Spyware Removal – Special Tips To Choose The Best Program

It is very difficult to avoid things that you want and even more when it is free of cost. We must not assume that these free downloads have zero strings attached to them. Our curiosity must not let us into a problem. So make sure that the file has no spyware program and then happily download the file.

This is a case where we download such unwanted programs and put systems at stake. They are sometimes attached with the shareware and freeware programs and get installed along with them. Suspicious programs must never be given a chance and internet users must be cautious in every step they do in the web. This will help them get rid of all these problems.

The spyware masquerades itself as a computer optimization software or security. This is the manner they trick the users. So authenticated removal programs must alone be used. And they are even hidden along with certain shareware and freeware programs.

Sometimes even without any downloads done the spyware can enter your system. Simply visiting and browsing certain websites could launch an attack. The vulnerabilities of your computer can also be a cause to the harm it seeks. This way, adware and spyware can be automatically infected in the system without you downloading anything. The early versions of the internet have these problems because of its intricate connectivity to the operating system. So keep your computer immune. Download trusty anti-spyware removal programs.

With all these in mind we must be very careful and the removal programs must be installed preliminary in any computer. At the least you find problem with pop-up ads and will find yourself frustrated. They appear in an erratic manner annoying the user. The internet habits are tracked and reported to the intruders. The privacy and secrets are bound to be lost. In severe cases this may cause an attack destroying the security against identity fraud and theft.

There are certain good and effective removal programs that can manage the problem in the proper manner. Some of them are Spybot S&D; HiJack This, Ad-Aware SE Personal, IE-SPYAD, X-Cleaner, Spyware Blaster and XP-AntiSpy. All these are reliable ones that can definitely help to avoid spyware and adware. Make sure about the legitimacy factor before you install other removal programs in your system.

The security software is sometimes the disguised format of the rogue Malware or spyware program. Feedback and recommendations must be taken before security software is installed in the system. Every computer needs reliable and secure free removal programs for adware and spyware threats as the basic part of the system. The real time protection is the first step these removal programs take to avoid further risks. Later, they try to destroy the existing ones.

The eradication and detection of the already existing adware and software is also done by certain anti-spyware programs. The removal programs are different from each of them. Some has only the real time protection and some take over destroying the existing ones alone. There are other programs that do both these tasks and it always advisable to choose such software. Risk management will effectively be done then.